What Our Students Say About Us . . .

At New Wave OH&S Services, we are always looking to improve. A major way we do this is to track what our students feel about how much they learned and their satisfaction with the courses.

We are proud of our ratings and would like to share them with you!

And what do our students say?

  • I really enjoyed the course. Great discussion. Very knowledgeable.
  • I found the course engaging, informative, relevant and worthwhile attending!
  • Very good course. I have a better understanding of ethics and how they are applied.
  • It was well done and very informative.
  • Well structured. Examples and case studies illustrated concepts well.
  • Discussions made me re-evaluate some of my thought processes
  • I feel the information and examples were great. Having this knowledge of different ethical principles would definitely be beneficial in understanding other's point of view as well.
  • Excellent course
  • I enjoyed it and found it very helpful…well done!
  • You have an immense amount of knowledge, experience and skills.
  • Tough to keep everyone engaged during virtual training but you did a great job.
  • This type of interactive course is valuable because each question caused us to think, discuss and share our perspective.
  • I like the case studies, as well as your speed in facilitating the discussions.
  • This is the first online Ethics course I attended and enjoyed it
  • I enjoyed the course and your facilitation…thank you!
  • Great Class...I will recommend this to other CRSP’s.