Our Air Testing Services

New Wave offers a wide range of services to analyze the air at your facility.

We offer testing using:

  • direct-reading instruments to give you instant results, and
  • air sampling for more complex analyses, including size-selective sampling to meet the details of the regulations. All of our samples are analyzed at accredited laboratories with full chain of custody documentation.

Following up on our air testing, we can also help you:

  • create training sessions for your workers, whether they be live online, on-demand and in-person
  • design new or evaluate existing ventilation systems, including extraction systems, fume hoods, biological safety cabinets and HVAC systems
  • develop and implement Respiratory Protection Programs that meet CSA and regulatory standards.

Our consultants all hold advanced occupational health and safety certifications, including:

  • Professional engineer
  • Canadian Registered Safety Professional
  • Registered Occupational Hygienist
  • Certified Industrial Hygienist
  • Certified Health and Safety Consultant.

Feel free to contact us at 902-402-1618, using our Contact page or by e-mail to discuss how we can help your organization.