Ethics for the OH&S Professional

(On Demand and Instructor-Led courses) 

Occupational health and safety is becoming an increasingly complex field with ever-increasing points of view. As we struggle to deal with this complexity, an understanding of basic ethical principles can help us appreciate other’s viewpoints. The usefulness of such understanding is supported by the Board for Global EHS Credentialing/American Board of Industrial Hygiene and the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP), both of whom have made ethics training a requirement for their certification and registration maintenance programs.  

In this light, New Wave Occupational Health and Safety Services has created Ethics for the Occupational Health and Safety Professional. To date, almost 2000 BCRSP certificants have taken the course!!!!

The course is available in On Demand (meaning you can access the course whenever you want) and Instructor-Led versions. In both courses, we analyze and discuss several ethical scenarios. But we never try to change your mind about who is right and who is wrong. Instead, we want to allow you to appreciate how the different ethical philosophies held by other people can lead them to view the issues in the way that they do.

Successful completion of the On Demand course is based upon a combination of a final quiz and a case study, while success in the Instructor-Led course is based only upon a final quiz.

Both courses are approved by the BCRSP as meeting their requirements for registration maintenance.

Instructor-Led Course ($125 CAN)

The instructor-led live course is usually offered through Zoom, allowing greater flexibility for course timing while reducing your travel costs. Unlike other instructor-led ethics courses which spread the content over days or weeks, this course is offered as one 3.5-hour live session. This allows you to get the same content in a much shorter time frame.

The course is highly interactive with frequent opportunities for discussions and questions. 

Successful completion of this course is based upon a final quiz only. There is no case study. 

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On Demand Course ($25 CAN)

With over 500 registrants, this is our most popular course!!

The On Demand course uses a combination of handouts, videos and case studies to guide you through the material. The course is modular, allowing you to go at your own pace. We estimate that the average student can complete the material in about 3 hours.

The course is designed to challenge your thinking, with frequent opportunities for reflection and thought.

Successful completion of this course is based upon a combination of a final quiz and a case study.

You can sign up for the On Demand course here

The URL for the actual On-Demand course is here.